7 Hidden Signs of Autism in Toddlers and Babies often ignored

Autism comes from autos which is a Greek word that means alone when it comes to recent studies, its statistics have shown that every fifty kids on the child from then is autistic which is very bad because many children suffer from this.

Autism has many symptoms but at the head, there are acting differently and living lonely. We see sometimes-normal people especially the family of the patient with autism, trying to do many activities to help him to change his mood and get better. However, this does not work well because autistic people suffer from restricted communication.

Here we will show you the 7 solid signs which can determine if your children are affected by autism or not.

1.Trouble Maintaining Eye Contact

Everyone knows that normal children are extroverts so they like to react with everybody, it does not matter their age or even their culture. That is exactly why little kids keep eye contact while smiling and this shows their interest and engagement with others. However, when it comes to people with autism, they could not at all engage with everybody including his family.

2. Avoid Attempts at Social Interaction

As we notice children engage with their peers they try to do many activities together even maybe with people a little bit younger or older than them, they feel free to act with them. This makes a fine line between ordinary people and autistic ones. Because they could react neither smiling nor playing with their peers.

3.Struggles to Communicate

Communication is a very important tool to express what we feel and to demand something. People who experience autism prefer staying alone (not doing anything) they prefer suffering to asking for help. Some recent topics have shown that this occurs to children generally between 3 months and 9 months.

4. Does Not Point or Gesture (To show interest such as waving hello or goodbye)

Not replying to salutation is considered one of the earliest signs of autism, when people say good morning they keep seeing them and in some cases, they turn their faces, when it comes to talking with others there is a difficulty that is why we say it is an easy mission for ordinary people to detect kids with autism.

5. Struggles to Communicate

Communication skill is not much hard to learn. Most children find it easy. However, when it comes to those who suffer from autism. It is such an impossible mission, even when they start talking they do not express their gestures, and their face is always stable like they do not feel. Furthermore, they do not seek help when they face trouble.

6.Repeating the Same Actions or Behaviors

We indeed have some behaviors in common but when it comes to autistic people, they have only a few behaviors and they repeat them all the time. So the same few worlds all the time This is not always bad stuff because it does help many autistic people to improve in their life by connecting them with others

7.Difficulties in Socializing (Not engaging or communicating with other kids )

As everyone knows, the biggest symptom of autism is living alone or what we call living outside the world. Autistic people live an inside fear. So they do not, express their emotions or feeling. This happens to people of all ages but especially for kids, they do not interact with others at all. Those kids when getting younger and becoming old may interact a little bit with their families


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